Xe Chi Breathing Method

Phase I

The First Session is the same as the instructions for breathing XenOx, on the XenAir website, but assumes you have already practiced Tai Chi Breathing and have prepared the Main Bag of XenOx for breathing, that you have turned on the flow control on the XenOx Supplemental Bag, and are prepared to begin as shown in the XenAir instruction video.
As with breathing all XenAir products:
PUT THE NOSE CLAMP ON, and make sure air does not go out or come in. This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Exhale all air in you lungs (as much as possible).

Take the Mouthpiece in your mouth, and seal your lips. You will breath IN AND OUT, inhale and exhale ONLY through the Mouthpiece. That means DO NOT let outside air enter your mouth.

Turn the Stopcock to the ON position, and breath in as slowly as possible, using Tai Chi Breathing to fill your lungs. This may be fast because you were holding your breath.
Do not worry if you cannot use Tai Chi Breathing as you have practiced. Xenon is 5 time heavier than air, and your lungs will not react the same as breathing air. The First Session is not intended to practice Tai Chi Breathing, but to try to use the method with breathing XenOx.
Xenon Lung Exercise
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Some people feel the effect of xenon within the fist few breath, or it may take others up to 2-minutes.

Once you have experienced the effects of xenon, you can end the session.

You will not begin your Second Session until at least one day after your First Session and will either be a repeat of the First Session, or begin the Second Phase.
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